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Of butterflies and other flying creatures

There is something mesmerizing about the work of Sara Fanelli. A couple of years ago, on one of our trips to the Tate modern gallery and its great bookshop, we came across her book called Mythical Monsters of Ancient Greece. At the time, my 6 year old daughter was obsessed with greek legends and in particular with Medusa. Mythical Monsters is no story book, but rather a fascinating catalogue of some of the creatures that my daughter had been reading about at the time, and she immediately decided that she wanted to take it home in order to have more time to look at the incredible details of each of these creatures. And I can tell she spent a lot of time looking at these fantastic collages and compositions.


Some of the reviews written online about Mythological Monsters do not seem as captivated as we were, but we go back to our copy quite regularly and love it very much still! Come on, how can you not admire her flying creatures, I wonder?!


Anyway, today I want to tell you about another of her books, First Flight whose narrative will no doubt charm any young reader. It is the story of a little butterfly who does not know how to fly and who desperately wants to learn. Unexperienced and at a loss, the little butterfly decides to consult the knowledgeable readers of a newspaper. Following the readers’ suggestions, butterfly travels by plane to faraway places to train with experts from the kite flying master Wing  in China to a very friendly ghost in Scotland.



But every single attempt is a failure even if, for a few seconds or a couple of minutes butterfly manages to fly!



In the end, it will be without even realising it that the little butterfly will manage to fly. On hearing her mother who is calling her, she decides to jump into her arms and soon comes to the conclusion that at last she can fly!


This is an adorable story about dreams, tenacity and love. The final embrace and the genuine drawings at the beginning of the book made my 4 year son ask me tons of questions about trying and trying again, growing up, as well as drawing. So what better way to answer than to draw or paint butterflies, or to go out and fly a kite?







For those interested in crafty activities with butterflies, why not try this simple paint&fold one? Hope you enjoy it, have fun!