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A green paradise right by the overground: the Geffrye Museum

Right now  London is hot, so hot  actually that the tube has become a place where it would be illegal to transport livestock! The holidays have also just started for school age children and now is a good time to think about what to do with them. I am not the kind of parent who whines about the long days to be filled during the summer break, not that I don’t long for time on my own from time to time, but I try to see these six weeks as an opportunity to slow down and to enjoy places we do not go to as often as I would ideally like.

One of these places is the Geffrye museum, and it can be reached by overground, which you will be glad to read is air conditioned.  Whether you have a toddler or an older child matters very little because the place has wonderful things for everyone!

Active children will love running in the front gardens, little artists will love the amazing (and free) activities lined up this summer, and parents will no doubt enjoy the peaceful herb garden and period gardens at the back of the main building.  The museum itself is all about the home and you can take a peek through a typical living room throughout time which is a very interesting experience. For those interested in a taster or if you want to prolong your visit, the kid’s zone online gives you plenty of options, from designing a Victorian room to colouring a beautiful oil lamp.

In short,  if you’re too hot to face the tube or too broke to go to the cinema, then hop on the overground to Hoxton and enjoy this great place!