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Three little pigs at the Little Angel Theatre

This week in the UK teachers are on strike, so we’ve decided on our free day to go and see a new version of one of our favourite stories The three little pigs at the lovely Little Angel Theatre in North London.

We have several versions of this traditional story at home and I thought that we would all enjoy this new twist that includes balloons and a not so scary wolf.

This show really is an impressive one man show. With very few props but his very special huffer and puffer, Danny Schlesinger manages to engage the children and to re-tell the classic story of the three little pigs and the  big bad wolf. Using his marvelously twisted balloons, many facial expressions and mimics, and a great soundscape&music, he had my kids laughing and even helping to blow the houses down! The final ‘pop’ is funny and far from the more cannibalistic ending of the traditional tale.

Parents and children will rediscover the story together with  delight and enjoy it anew in this vibrant and comical new version. A great show by circus Ridiculoso!

For those who want a taster, here is a short video.


Additional resources for parents and children:

  • Parents who want more information on the origin of the story and its many versions can trust Heidi Anne Heilner’s impressive website.
  • Those interested in having an on-the-go version may want to check out this app.
  • Activities abound online but I like in particular these colouring pages, and these ideas for activities, including brown playdough.
  • We like pigs in this house so if you’re like us read Florentine and Pig have a very lovely picnic, reviewed in the excellent blog Playing by the book here. We recently attended a reading by Eva Katzler, the author and had a great time!