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Can you imagine if all bookshops were like this?

I love visiting my local bookshop. I love that if I go with my children there is a play table for toddlers with a playhouse, a tea set and pretend food, teddies and books. I also like the fact that they placed a comfy bench nearby so that I can sit down and flick through books while my little ones are having fun.

But not all bookshops are created equal, and my kids know an exciting place when they see one. You should have seen them in Boston last winter in Curious George’s bookshop! It occupies a lovely building in Cambridge, a couple of minutes from Harvard campus, and it makes the most of its fun round shape with plenty of reading nooks. For those of you who are curious, see why it’s been voted best toystore in Boston in 2013 here!



Now back to our shores, this secondhand shop in Leicester is a truly fun space for little ones which shows that even with a modest budget, you can build an inspiring place.

From outside it looks quite traditional, nothing fancy, one of the other Loros charity shops really!


But look inside and hey presto you’ve got something else altogether. A magic enchanted forest, adorned with super cute mushroom stools!


LorosBookshopLeicester2The architects who took on this project work at Heterarchy studio and have created something unique which would get my children excited for sure. I hope you enjoy this great space, and next time you’re in Leicester, pay them a visit and buy a book or two!



Can we have the same school library please?

I am a sucker for great reading spaces and this library is a really exciting space which is sure to fill the students of Nelson’s Whitefield Infant School and Nursery with joy and trepidation! Just look at these faces, they don’t lie. Steve Hutton has done a great job!

libraryNelson’s Whitefield Infant School and Nursery

Giant books? Tick. Comfy reading nooks? Tick. Happy staff? Tick. So many school libraries sadly close, or worse get forgotten because budget cuts sometimes mean that the head decides to let the librarian go. This really is a shame since school librarians are unsung heroes of literacy.

This article in the local paper gives details about the new library and the rest of the school. At 7 millions pounds the redevelopment of Whitefield Infant School and Nursery is not cheap, but there is no denying that this is now a great looking school, and surely the envy of many other schools in Lancashire and beyond.

Awesome reading spaces

I am of those who believes that reading should be done everywhere and anywhere . I admire lovely reading nooks  online but in our house there isn’t one designated area to read. Maybe this is because   we have bookcases and/or books in all the rooms (but the bathroom), oh my does that make us book-freaks?!

Anyway, this post is to inspire those who believe that specific spaces can encourage even reluctant readers. This Spanish practice creates original places for kids and their reading net and secret reading projects are really fab and fun.